Studying Tourism Management

Last September I embarked upon a new challenge: Studying Tourism Management. I had tried two studies before, Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Those both went fine, but it didn't last very long until I realised that I was not happy doing this for the rest of my life, I didn't see a future there. I took the … Continue reading Studying Tourism Management

Prague – Week 1

I recently moved to Prague after living in London for seven months and a little time off in the Netherlands. My first week so far has been quite the roller-coaster and I still can’t completely wrap my head around everything that happened but I will give it a shot. Volunteer in Prague I arrived in … Continue reading Prague – Week 1

Travel the World for Free – Working Abroad

When you think about travelling the world and exploring different counties, the first thing that might come to mind is: "I wish I could afford all that." Well ... you can! There are several ways to travel for free, or almost free, these days. In my previous blog posts I've told you something about cheap transportation and staying … Continue reading Travel the World for Free – Working Abroad