My Days as an Au Pair

I have been working as an au pair in London for seven months now, which means taking care of Emilia (4) and Leon (6 almost 7), during their parents work hours and living in their house. It has been an amazing yet challenging experience to work with kids this much and live in a different … Continue reading My Days as an Au Pair

Lazy Sunday in London

I work as an au pair in London for a very busy family, this means that I have to work six days a week. Some weeks I get an extra day off but most weeks, Sunday is my only week off. So when Sunday rolls around I am exhausted and I spend them usually very lazy and … Continue reading Lazy Sunday in London

Travel the World for Free – Working Abroad

When you think about travelling the world and exploring different counties, the first thing that might come to mind is: "I wish I could afford all that." Well ... you can! There are several ways to travel for free, or almost free, these days. In my previous blog posts I've told you something about cheap transportation and staying … Continue reading Travel the World for Free – Working Abroad