Studying Tourism Management

Last September I embarked upon a new challenge: Studying Tourism Management. I had tried two studies before, Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Those both went fine, but it didn't last very long until I realised that I was not happy doing this for the rest of my life, I didn't see a future there. I took the … Continue reading Studying Tourism Management

A Day in Brussels

At the 2nd of December, on an amazing Saturday evening ... I met this girl, Taylor. We got to talking and became friends almost right away. We talked on WhatsApp and Snapchat a bit and saw each other again on the 29th of December, again at a party. We talked about me coming over to visit … Continue reading A Day in Brussels

Cities Definitely Worth Visiting within Two Hours of London

If you, like me, live in London you must know that you are living in one of the greatest and most beautiful cities on earth. But after a while, no matter how big, every city becomes familiar. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's mostly good. It feels nice to know your way around … Continue reading Cities Definitely Worth Visiting within Two Hours of London