Jazzy in Breda

I had never really considered Breda as a lively and vibrant city. I thought it was just one of those places in Holland that no-one really cared about. Well… I was proven to be massively wrong when I went there wist my little sister and bumped into the Breda Jazz Festival!

Happy Birthday
For my sisters 21st birthday I wanted to give her something that she would like but also that would give me some one on one time with her. She lives in Leiden and I live in Delft and even though we chat a lot on Instagram and WhatsApp, we don’t really spend much time with each other. So I decided to give her a little trip, she could choose either any city she wanted in Holland, Antwerp or – in case she did not want to take a trip – we could go see a film together and have drinks afterwards.

She choose Breda.

Happy Birthday Lil Sis

Since I did not know much about Breda, I did a little bit of research. I found out that it had a couple of parks, that it had an old castle, a big market square and a beautiful church. I also saw something about a Jazz Festival, but I didn’t see a date or anything so thought nothing of it.

I picked up my sister in Leiden and after a quick stop in Rotterdam, we took the train to Breda. We got a little hungry on the way there, so decided to get some lunch first and then maybe visit the castle. We got off the train, walked across one of the main parks of Breda and turned unto the main square … and there it was. The Breda Jazz Festival! There were several stages on the square with different kinds of Jazz music. We were pleasantly surprised by this and spend the entire afternoon listening and vibing to the music. Who would have thought it would turn out this great?

Our dad later told us that he had actually played at the Breda Jazz Festival about 30 years ago when he was a student himself. Pretty cool right?


Once again, a great time
After my first visit to Breda I got pretty excited to go again and lucky for me, my boyfriend decided to go study there. So since he was going to spend a lot of time there and hadn’t really been there before, we went on a little exploring trip together.

We wanted to go for a beer since the sun was out and it was such a lovely day, so we walked to the main square where we found a local market. This is where I got the idea for this birthday present. There was this one stand that had tons of old LP’s, he loved the sight of it and was kinda sad that he didn’t have an old record player so that he would have use for an LP like that – so I got him one for his birthday ;).

The market also had a stand with old comics and old children books. This really took me back, I found a couple of books that I had read when I was a little girl or that my father had read to me. I didn’t buy them since I didn’t really have any use for it, but it definitely made me nostalgic which is kinda nice.


Beer and good times
After we had seen almost everything that the market had to offer we finally went for that beer. We talked for hours and had a wonderful time. We have been back to Breda together only once since, but I hope we get to go again soon cause I now know that there is a lot that Breda has to offer that we haven’t seen yet. One thing we will definitely do in Breda is: celebrate CARNAVAL!

Enjoy your travels.

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