A Day in Brussels

At the 2nd of December, on an amazing Saturday evening … I met this girl, Taylor. We got to talking and became friends almost right away. We talked on WhatsApp and Snapchat a bit and saw each other again on the 29th of December, again at a party. We talked about me coming over to visit her in Brussels and on the 23rd of January … I did!

Delft to Brussels
It takes about 2 hours by train to get to Brussels, so I took the train around 11 – I wanted to sleep in a little bit on my day off – and arrived, after a very smooth journey, in Brussels at 1 o’clock. Taylor arrived only a few minutes later at the Central Station and it was wonderful to see her again!


The weather was lovely so we went for a walk and Taylor showed me around the city. We walked past the Drug Opera, which is a restaurant that has nothing to do with drugs or the opera, enjoyed all the beautiful buildings on the main square and had a quick look in the smallest museum I have ever seen: The Belgium Beer Museum. It is located on the main square and is mainly underground – as far as we could tell, we didn’t have any cash on us so we couldn’t actually enter the museum.


We also walked past the Palace of Brussels and I discovered that all the street signs are in both Dutch and French, as are the titles on the busses that show you where they are going. That would probably make it quite easy for me to learn French … Or maybe not.

Street Sign Brussels

Glasses and Cookies
After Taylor had tried on some glasses, and I had tried to give her some advice, we took the bus to Taylor’s neighbourhood. We walked around there for a little while as well. It’s a really cute part of Brussels with lots of thrift shops/ second-hand stores and tiny supermarkets. When it was getting a bit cold, and when our feet were tired from all the walking, we went inside to bake cookies! We made really cute chocolate chip cookies because they came out a little smaller than expected…. ow well, they still tasted good.

We talked a lot while making the cookies and really got to know each other. I had to leave Taylor’s place around 8 since the last train back to Holland departed at 9 o’clock and I still had to take a tram to get to the Central Station.


I had a wonderful time with Taylor and Brussels is a beautiful city. I will definitely go back soon!


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