Lazy Sunday in London

I work as an au pair in London for a very busy family, this means that I have to work six days a week. Some weeks I get an extra day off but most weeks, Sunday is my only week off. So when Sunday rolls around I am exhausted and I spend them usually very lazy and relaxed so that I can recharge for the week to come.

Even though I usually go for a drink with friends on Saturday evening, my mornings start pretty early. I wake up by either the sound of kids crying, screaming, laughing or fighting or by Leon’s’ piano play, which is around 8 am. Since I don’t feel like facing the kids yet on my day off I stay in bed, answer my WhatsApp messages and when the noise is gone usually fall back asleep. When I wake up for the second time I’m hungry and want tea. I go downstairs, greet the kids and the parents – if they are still around – and make myself some breakfast, which I then continue to eat in my room where it is nice and peaceful, accompanied by a Netflix show. After breakfast, I hop in the shower and once I’m fed and refreshed I write a blog post to put up on my website.

What am I doing? Why am I not making more of my day? You are only living in London a limited amount of time… make the most of it!
When this goes through my head the guilt comes because it’s true! I shouldn’t stay in doing almost nothing all day. I should be out exploring this vibrant city; I should be visiting all the free musea and meet new people in pubs from all over the world. So I put away my laptop, get my rug sack out, fill it with a bottle of water, umbrella, wallet and my e-reader and head towards the train station, to either meet up with friends or head into the city centre alone. I don’t really have a plan or anything but I know that once I arrive at Waterloo Station I’ll figure out something fun to do. This city is so beautiful that most days I end up just walking around discovering new places and enjoying the view.

That’s just the way it goes
In the end, my Sunday is not really that lazy, but because of the start, it does feel like it. I don’t always stay out late – depending on what time I have to start on Monday – but when I do, I end my day pretty lazy as well. The Sherlock Holmes is my favourite pub in London so I usually go there to have a Lamb Shank or some Nacho’s for dinner and a pint or two and just relax, read my book, have a chat with interesting people and once I’m tired, head back home to get a good night sleep before the next busy week comes to get me.

Ilse and I

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