Travel the World for Free – Staying Abroad

There are many ways to travel the world on a budget. In a previous blog post I’ve covert cheap ways of transportation. In this blog post, I will tell you all about staying abroad for free! There are also ways to stay abroad for free while working, but I will cover this in my next blog post.

If you are a frequent traveller you have probably already heard about this. is a website where travellers can find a free place to stay or share that you have a place where travellers can stay. You’ll basically sleep on a couch, air mattress, spare mattress or anywhere else they have to offer you.

You can make a profile for free and if you want you can spend a little money to get your profile verified but this is not necessary. On this profile, you can tell stuff about yourself, post pictures and tell the people you want to stay with what you might have to offer. For example, if you are a really good cook, you could offer to cook for your host once.

The site is a very safe way to find a free place to stay, but always be careful. Make sure you know where the nearest hostel is and trust your instinct. If it doesn’t feel right or when you don’t feel comfortable, leave and check in at a hostel or hotel for the night. Spending a little money to make sure you’re safe is definitely worth it even if you are broke or on a budget.

Another way to stay abroad for free is housesitting. A lot of people would like to have someone to stay at their house when they are away on holiday for the summer. It makes them feel more comfortable about leaving their home and possessions. When you are housesitting you can stay at their house for free while doing some minor tasks for them like vacuuming, watering the plants and feeding and walking the dog. [2]

There are several sites you can use to get in touch with homeowners who are looking for a housesitter. Because you are a stranger to the homeowner you will probably have to sign a contract in advance but this won’t cause you any trouble as long as you stick to the rules set by the homeowner.

House sitting sites:

  1. Trusted Housesitters
  2. Housesitters UK
  3. Mind My House
  4. Housesit Match
  5. Normador

Enjoy your travels!

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