Street Art Tour – London

After Sanne and Marjolein – who came to visit last week – had told me about the walking tour they had done through SoHo during their visit, I looked up ‘Strawberry Tours‘ online. Apart from the SoHo tour they also offered a street art tour, a harry potter tour, pub crawls and much more. So when Daniel and I were not able to get tickets to the photo exhibit at the National History Museum yesterday, because it was sold out, we decided to go on the street art tour.

Nice and sunny
The place to meet up at the beginning of the tour was the Tower Hill station. Right outside of the station we saw two men with enormous umbrellas that had ‘Strawberry Tours’ written and lots of strawberries on it. That must be it. We met our tour guide, Chase, who told us to write down one first name and one email address from our ‘group’ so that he would be able to send us the group picture we were going to take later on. After a while, about 30 people had gathered around Chase and after a little introduction we started off by walking towards White Chaple – a part of London famous for the Jack the Rippers’ killings. The tour was going to take two hours, but because the weather was nice and sunny for a change that was no problem at all.

Street Art London

Chase was a wonderful tour guide, he knew exactly what he was talking about and made the tour really fun and interesting. One of the great things about Chase was that he clearly enjoys his job very much, this made him very enthusiastic. We had to walk a little bit before we saw any street art because most of the art is outside ‘the City’. During the beginning of the tour, we mostly saw graffiti tags, shutter and sticker art. Later on, when we arrived at Brick Lane, we got to see some bigger street art artists like Stick, Roa, Ronzo and Lora Zombie. When we arrived at this parking place with lots of street art we took a cute group photo.

Group Photo

Chicken Wings
We both had a great time on the tour and are planning to do the Jack the Ripper tour soon when we are in London again. I would recommend everyone who is visiting London to go on a Strawberry Tour. Did I tell you that they are free?

After the tour ended we smelled chicken wings which made us incredibly hungry, therefore ending our lovely day with a pint each and a plate of chicken wings.

Enjoy your travels!

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