Eight Packing Tips

Packing can be a hassle, especially when you haven’t done it that often, but it doesn’t have to be! Since I’ve travelled a lot I would like to think that I have perfected this skill over the last few years. So I’ve taken a good look at what I do when I pack for a trip and came up with the eight most essential packing tips.

1. Make a Packing List
Old, but Gold. By making a list a few weeks before you leave and looking it over several times before you actually take off you’ll make sure you won’t forget anything and that you don’t pack unnecessary thing that you will never use at the last moment. You know you don’t need them so you won’t pack them. Also, don’t worry about having to do this over and over again cause there is a good chance you will be able to use this list on roughly every trip you’ll take.

2. Pack Less
I’d recommend this to any traveller, unless if you are already a sufficient packing list maker. Lay out all the clothes that you were planning on bringing along and get rid of about a third. It’s not really that hard, cause do you really need 4 dresses, 5 tops, 3 crop tops, 4 shorts and 3 skirts for that one week trip?

3. Pack Like it’s a One Week Trip
Whether you are going away for 2 months or 2 weeks, your packing list should remain roughly the same. In a lot of hostels and especially in hotels there is a possibility to wash your clothes or have them washed for a small amount of money. You can also, of course, wash your clothes yourself. On every trip that I take that is over a week long I take some travel soap with me. This is soap that can be used for hand washing and machine washing clothes.

4. Don’t Fold, Roll!
You might be very used to folding your clothes and putting them in your suitcase or backpack when packing but this is a waste of space. Travel experts all agree that a tight roll is more space sufficient than folded clothes. If you are afraid that your clothes will get all wrinkly when you roll them, don’t be! Rolled up clothes are even less likely to get those deep nasty wrinkles than folded ones.

5. Stuff Your Shoes
Sometimes you’ll need more than one pair on our trip, for example when you plan on hiking or have an important business meeting planned. Those shoes can take up a lot of space but don’t let it be wasted space. Take a small plastic bag and put your socks or underwear in it, then put these plastic bags inside your shoes. This way your underwear and socks will stay minty fresh and your shoes will not be space wasters.

6. Put Belts and Ties Around the Edges
This is a tip for when you’re travelling with a suitcase. Packing sufficiently is all about not wasting space, if you roll up your belts and ties you will though, instead put them around the edges and no space is wasted. You could also do this with scarfs if you’d like but you can also roll those, whatever you prefer.

7. Use Buttons to Keep Jewellery from Tangling or Getting Lost
Tangled jewellery is a nightmare, but unfortunately, something that happens a lot while travelling. To prevent your jewellery from travelling use buttons! Buttons? Yes really, buttons. It keeps your earrings in pairs and they, therefore, have a lesser chance of getting tangled up with your necklaces or rings.

8. Get Refillable Travel Bottles
Never, ever, bring along entire bottles shampoo, conditioner or soap. Even when you travel with more than a carry-on bag, don’t even think about it. It’s a lot of extra weight and a lot of extra space that you’d probably rather go without. Instead get refillable bottles of about 100ml. Don’t be afraid to run out, you can always buy extra. Don’t bring entire boxes of Q-tips either; use an empty medicine bottle to bring along as many as you need.


Enjoy your travels!

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